Building Specifications

Reinforced concrete structure

Brick wall / Reinforced concrete wall

Concrete flat roof

Internal - Skim coat and paint or plasterboard ceiling
Bathroom - Moisture resistant plasterboard ceiling
Balcony / Patio* - Moisture resistant plasterboard ceiling

Aluminium framed windows

Main entrance - Fire rated approved by Jabatan Bomba & Penyelamat Malaysia (JBPM)
Internal - Quality timber flush floor
Private Garden* - Aluminium framed swing door with glass panel
Balcony / Patio* - Aluminium framed sliding door with glass panel

Main entrance - Locks/ ironmongery approved by JBPM
Internal - Selected quality lockset

Foyer - Selected quality tiles
Living - Selected quality tiles
Dining - Selected quality tiles
Bedrooms - Selected quality timber
Bathrooms - Selected quality tiles
Kitchen - Selected quality tiles
Balcony / Patio* - Selected quality tiles
A/C - Cement Render
Utility* (except for all Type 4) - Selected quality tiles
Utility* (for all Type 4) - Selected quality timber
Private Garden* - Selected quality tiles
Shoe Rack* - Cement Render

Foyer - Plaster and paint
Living - Plaster and paint
Dining - Plaster and paint
Bedrooms - Plaster and paint
Bathrooms - Selected quality tiles (floor to ceiling soffit)
Kitchen - Selected quality tiles/ Wall panel
Balcony / Patio* - Plaster and paint
A/C - Plaster and paint
Utility* - Plaster and paint
Private Garden* - Plaster and paint
Shoe Rack* - Plaster and paint

Kitchen cabinet

*Only applicable if shown in Floor Plan of the said Parcel.